I'm a neuroscientist, holistic health practitioner, and frequency alchemist who is deeply devoted to empowering others in their health and healing journey. I offer a unique perspective, having worked in conventional healthcare for over a decade, before transitioning to integrative medicine.

Since leaving the world of conventional oncology I have undertaken a deep exploration of the natural world - I have studied holistic nutrition, detoxification & repurification, herbalism, counseling & psychotherapy, holistic cannabis & psychedelic integration, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, trauma & emotional release. I am currently completing my PhD in Integrative Medicine.

While this sounds quite accomplished and I have invested thousands of hours in study and learning, what I have come to understand is most important about health and well-being: the emotional and energetic bodies must be addressed. You can eat all the kale and spinach in the world, take all the supplements and do all 'things', but if you're holding onto anger and resentment, if emotions and energy is blocked, you will continue to feel blocked and experience physical manifestations. Frequency therapy and quantum medicine offers phenomenal access into these realms with incredible insight and results.    

As I evolve, so do my businesses and practices. Coaching integrates the profound knowledge of naturopathy, neuroscience, and the human biofield. Ancient practices merged with future technology, connecting the interwoven aspects of body, mind, and energy for healing, augmenting health and accessing vitality. Through the process awareness expands, connections deepen, and habits, behaviors and choices shift. It is a collaborative effort, a journey of self-discovery and co-creating the health, life and experience one desires and deserves. 

I am keen to share my passion and knowledge with those who are ready for transformation, ready to receive loving support and guidance to restore balance in the body, mind and energy!

Let's co-create!


On a personal level, I am a devoted mother to two incredible sons. We enjoy spending time in nature, traveling, scootering and seeking adventures and joy. 

My passions are frequencies, of course! And also: nutrition, fitness, reading & learning, yoga & meditation, and great conversations & connections. 

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Andrea Page

“I'm feeling sooooo much lighter in many ways, balanced…the expert program is doing amazing things! Thank you so much for the session! Blissful this morning!
This morning was the first time in 2 years i woke up without body pain”

TimeWaver Client

Andrea Page

“So I’m laying in a field and I’m so f'ing happy…. I mean really happy. I haven’t felt like this in a minute. Thank you for the session today. Holy s**t that was so intense. ”

Chad Fisher Healing

Andrea Page

“I want to let you know how much I appreciate the love you have for myself and my healing journey. My family's lives have ALL improved since you have become a guide in our lives. Much love to you and your family.”

Cancer Alchemy client