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Take your health, life and happiness to new levels with Quantum Coaching.

Ancient modalities combined with revolutionary technologies for ultimate well-being in mind, body & spirit.

Quantum Health Coaching

Would you like more energy and vitality?

Are you ready to take your health to the next level?

Step into the quantum and an abundance of energy & vitality!

Monthly coaching to meet your needs and health focus. Sessions incorporate frequency therapy, naturopathy & nutrition, and neuroscience. 

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Health Recovery & Rejuvenation

Do you have a specific health concern ready to be released?

Twenty years of conventional & holistic healthcare has allowed for a lot of insights, wisdom & successful reversals of acute & chronic conditions. Integrative Medicine utilizes the optimal therapies based on the individual and their needs and circumstance.  


Entheogen Experience 

Are you curious about expanded states of consciousness? 

Feel safe & fully supported in the integration of sacred medicines for the purpose of personal and spiritual development, and creating shifts in health & cognition. With an open heart and an open mind we can transcend many previously blocked energies. 



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The Quantum Health Consultation is a 90-minute stand-alone session that integrates naturopathic & frequency therapy applications. This is a holistic health session tailored to your unique constitution and wellness goals, that takes into account our physical, mental and energetic well-being. Some topics may include nutrition, detoxification, stress management & mindfulness practices, psychotherapy, and frequency coaching. Each session includes a TimeWaver information field analysis (PDF provided) & vibration. 


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